I am fortunate to live and work in the beautiful Fraser Valley in British Columbia. It is here where I have been quietly painting for the past several years.

Over time I have come to realize how much the countryside that surrounds my home has contributed to the part of me that is the artist.

Nature's colors are the greatest influence on my work.

Working with oil paints and larger brushes, I begin laying in a unified composition of shapes and values. I mix my colors on the surface as the painting progresses. I focus on making every stroke count while striving to maintain a sense of spontaneity and authenticity.

The studio is my place for solitude. However, I want to create paintings in which the viewers can participate. The more they look at them the more I hope they see.

I feel that my commitment as a painter is to my creative process and to making art that shows my enthusiasm and passion for the magic and beauty of the materials.

If you are interested in viewing my work or knowing more, I invite you to contact me.

Patricia Falck

Patricia Falck
Select Solo Show
2018 West Fine Arts - May 18 to 21 - Cloverdale, B.C.
2018 West Fine Arts - March 9 to 11 - Langley, B.C.
2017 Canadian Landscapes - Gallery 204 - Langley, B.C.
2017 Brushworks Four - Fort Langley, B.C.
2017 Florals - Gallery 204 - Langley, B.C.
2016 Blooms - B.C. Gallery - Fort Langley, B.C.
2015 A Breath of Fresh Art - White Rock. B.C.
2015 Springtime in Paris - Ottawa, Ontario
2014 International Artist Day - White Rock, B.C.
2014 A Breath of Fresh Art - White Rock, B.C.
2014 Langley Art Tour - Fort Langley, B.C.
2013 Langley Art Tour - Fort Langley, B.C.
Select Group Exhibitions
2015 A Fresh Start - Birth Place of B.C. Gallery, Fort Langley, B.C.
2015 Artist in Residence - Birth Place of B.C. Gallery, Fort Langley, B.C.
2012 - 2014 Federation of Canadian Artists Workshops
2002 - 2007 Emily Carr University of Art and Design - Continuing Studies Art Courses
2001 - 2004 Vancouver Academy of Art
2014 - 2016 - Birth Place of B.C. Gallery, Fort Langley, B.C.
2017 - Gallery 204, Langley, B.C.
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